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We listen very carefully to your needs to ensure we get your system right

Listening is an active process in which we put ourselves in your shoes, so that not only are we noting the details of the required information structure and flow, but also how that fits in with the activities and priorities of your organisation.

Additionally we 'Play Devils Advocate' and say: "What if thing X happens in situation Y? How would the system need to work with that?"

Lastly we make it our discipline to request to speak to people at different levels. For example:

  • the overall boss will probably want to do little or no data entry but will want to see information in an easily digestible format
  • managers may want to see what their particular staff are doing and perhaps have some control over that, for example authorising unusual payments
  • people entering data will want to be able to do so in the most time efficient and user friendly way.
  • where conflicting requirements exist and situations become political we do our best to create an innovative solution to satisfy all parties as much as possible.
We Involve you in the development and testing process

How many times have you heard about new systems that did not live up to expectations? Too many bespoke systems do not do the right thing, are slow or are just plain awkward to use, and these are the ones from projects that were not cancelled for going nowhere or spiralling out of control!

None of Endorphin's projects has ever failed or been cancelled and we believe this is due to the way we involve you the customer. The way it works is simple:

  • We take on bite-sized chunks of work at a time - the most urgently needed functionality first - and each time produce a prototype to demonstrate to you and your staff.
  • It's populated with realistic data so the experience is near life-like.
  • Again we listen carefully to your comments and at this stage the cost of any required changes to the specification are much lower than changes to the final product.

Your regular involvement has benefits to both parties - our programming staff get a good feel for the situations in which the system will be used and your staff get a chance to 'buy themselves into the project' - a vital part of any new system implementation.

We offer friendly training

Clive Elsworth has been designing and presenting training courses for twenty years and understands the need to provide a relaxed friendly atmosphere. In practise most training is given one-on-one at each user's desk after the application is installed.

Clear user manuals mean that little further training is required usually, at least for the simpler systems. Occasionally however, Tips and Tricks sessions are requested for groups of users, with a Questions and Answers session often included.

A Responsive After Sales Service

We understand that reliable, trouble-free operation of your systems is of critical importance to the success of your operation. We are happy to say that existing customers suffer very few problems, however sometimes minor changes are required, or you may wish for example, to ask for help with something over the phone.

The Endorphin Maintenance Contract ensures that your software is kept installed on our systems here, and additionally that the source code is kept backed up off site. This protects your investment, ensuring that help is quickly available and also that changes can always be made to your particular version of the software.

Telephone and on-site support is charged up-front in ˝hr units and any unused time remaining at the end of each contract year is carried over to the next, with a suggestion to 'top up' to a newly estimated requirement.

For enquiries please phone on:
020 7622 0169 or email us for more details.


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