Measured Term Contract (MTC) Applications

Increasingly Local Authorities and Housing Associations outsource the repairs and maintenance of their buildings to private contractors under Measured Term Contracts (MTCs).

MTCs involve contractors applying a variety of agreed bonuses and discounts (contract variations) to their invoices. They use an agreed price list called a Schedule of Rates (SOR).

Schedules of Rates and more information on MTCs are available in the UK from NSRM

Endorphin offers two types of application:

  • Applications for contractors who need systems to accurately quote, manage and then invoice for works carried out - Repair Quoter
  • Applications for client organisations, who need a reliable and cost effective way to monitor and pay for the activities - See InvoiceRight
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Repair Quoter - Quotation System for Contractors
Feature List

The main benefits are:

  • Enables rapid creation of smart looking quotations for jobs, according to your agreed contract variations.
  • Contains an internal Schedule of Rates and Property Register, which can be added to as needed.
  • Enables a quotation to be broken down into several parts e.g. different stairwells, rooms etc., with a subtotal being provided for each part.
Preparing the Quote
Print the Quote

"That Quoter program is magic. It has increased our turnover by a third." - Brendan Rooney, Managing Director, Spokemead Ltd

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