Endorphin Property Manager

Property Manager provides superb Accounting, Administration, Customer Relationship Management and Database features. Flexibility is part of the design, which enables you to customise the system to your own needs, and then adapt it ongoingly as your business evolves.

  • See Who is Connected with each Property and How.
  • Keep Properties let with Minimal Vacancy Periods
  • Never miss another Payment
  • Find any Letter, Email, Bill or Spreadsheet in seconds
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office TM Word, Excel & Outlook
  • Easy Management of Standard Letters / Contracts etc.
  • Mass Email Campaigns
  • Accounting is Built In
  • Block Management Functionality
  • Reporting is Easy to Use and Very Flexible to Set Up
  • SQL Server based, so Scalable and Bomb Proof Reliable
  • Staff Productivity Rockets
  • Turbocharge your Business Turnover and Profit!
  • Development History

    While working closely with our customers we've learnt a lot about user priorities:

    People want reliable software that is quick and easy to use and takes as much of the tedium out of their day's work as possible.

    So we've made Endorphin Property Manager straightforward and easy to use. It holds all the important information needed for managing property purchases, rentals and maintenance, and then brings that information together in all sorts of useful ways.

    It all adds up to a system that is enabling very satisfying levels of success for our clients.

    Read what our customers are saying...

    "It's easy to use for ordinary day to day functions, but when I need it to do something more complex it's good to know those features are there as well."
    Hugh Best, Investment Manager, London Central Portfolio

    "It's a lovely system."
    Angela Garratty, Lettings Manager, A&M Lettings, Stockwell

    "The way it manages conversations is brilliant."
    Gary Barclay, Director, Macro250 Property Services Ltd

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  • Holds all Properties and Tenancies, current and historical
  • Stores Details of all your Contacts (Landlords, Tenants, Solicitors - everyone) and associates them with any number of Properties and/or Tenancies as appropriate
  • Easy to use and quick to find information
  • Pipeline report for managing the sales process
  • Terminal Services compliance enables Remote Access
  • Access is controlled by customizable Security Roles


  • Rent Accounting with Rental Demand report
  • Service Charge Accounting with Service Charge Demand report
  • Quick and easy to mark rent and charges as paid
  • Outstanding amounts visible at a glance
  • Detailed Statements of Account
  • Powerful Block Management automates splitting of Service Charges appropriately over any number of flats/units in a block
  • Quick and Easy Export to Excel

Customer Relationship Management

  • Powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Quick access to all sent and received Emails, Telephone Conversations, Letters, Bills and other documents
  • Quick to pull emails in directly from Outlook
  • Bills, statements, mail merged letters and sent emails automatically saved to each person's Contact History


  • Information Views produced from database queries you specify and store
  • Powerful Mailmerge enables you to automate standard letters containing information from Properties, Tenancies and more than one type of contact
  • Easy production of mailing labels (for Newsletters, Promotions etc.)
  • Customisable reporting – you choose the fields for your report and whether to print portrait or landscape. The system remembers this setup next time you print
  • When someone moves and you have to update their address record there is only one record to update Once that’s done it’s done!
  • Duplicated Contact records are automatically detected
  • User defined checkbox, text, date and numeric fields are easy to set up and use, making the system highly adaptable to your needs



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