• Do you have a Measured Term Contract with a Local Authority or Housing Association?

  • Do you need to produce a large quantity of invoices?

  • Are payments delayed due to invoice queries?

  • Has collating paperwork become difficult?

  • Is agreeing a final account a lengthy, problematic process?

If you can answer "Yes." to several of the above questions then InvoiceRight will enable you to:
  • Save time and money by improving your administration

  • Significantly improve your service and therefore increase your likelihood of keeping existing business and winning more lucrative contracts in the future.

How can it do that?

InvoiceRight manages the orders and invoices involved in contractor operations of Repairs and Mainentance contracts, enabling easy tracking of the status of each job through ordering, doing the work, invoicing and payment.

A Service Scheduler is provided as part of the extensive support for Planned Preventive Maintenance so that services of all different complexities can be scheduled and managed effectively.

It is suitable for use in activities such as Fire Alarms, Door Entry Systems, Lifts, Escalators, Vehicle Maintenance, Estate Lighting - in fact any Repairs & Maintenance environment in which equipment needs to be serviced under a contract.

Contains a Property Register holding extensive address and contact information, to ensure easy site access.
A related Asset Register enables you to record technical details for each piece of equipment, along with service requirements, service frequencies and pricing.
A Schedule of Rates holds the agreed standard prices for materials and labour.
Contract Variations such as Priority Uplift and Indices Rise are supported.
Accurate invoicing - all calculations are automatic, based on order and completion dates, rates used and contract variations.
Working Hours are automatically calculated with weekends and bank holidays being taken into account.
Intelligent Service Scheduler creates job sheets for engineers to take on site.
Easy to track job status, for example by listing all pending and unpaid jobs.
Powerful, Flexible Reporting mechanism enables printing of sets of repairs, properties, scheduled services etc. in user definable formats.
Optional Import Program imports repairs from other systems.
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InvoiceRight - Invoicing System for Contractors
Questions & Answers
Q. What is a Measured Term Contract (MTC)?
A. MTCs involve contractors applying a variety of agreed bonuses and discounts (contract variations) to their invoices. They use an agreed price list called a Schedule of Rates (SOR). Schedules of Rates and more information on MTCs are available in the UK from NSRM

Q. Who uses Measured Term Contracts?
A. Increasingly Local Authorities and Housing Associations outsource the repairs and maintenance of their buildings to private contractors under Measured Term Contracts.

Q. Can you explain exactly how this system will save us money?
A.InvoiceRight is like any high quality tool. It does the job better, quicker and more reliably than other systems.

You save money from:
  • Better management of the payment process – ensuring that there are no lost payments and also getting paid more quickly, thus reducing bank interest.

  • Reducing administration costs. – Fewer people are needed to carry out admin functions.
  • You make money by being able to handle more business, and by being able to charge a premium for your improved service.

    Q. Can it help us with our tendering process?
    A. Yes. You can use reports such as the Service Schedule Report to demonstrate to clients that you have everything under control. You could also use the schedule builder to do 'What if Analysis' - setting various prices and then seeing what your overall revenue and profit will be

    Q. Some clients change their prices during a contract. How does InvoiceRight cope with that?
    A. If the Schedule of Rates (SOR) is changed ‘across the board’ an ‘Indices Rise’ can be applied to the contract terms to vary the prices accordingly. However if prices are changed unevenly new prices can be entered into the SOR with the date the new price comes into effect.

    Q. What are Contract Variations and how does InvoiceRight work with them?
    A. Contract Variations are different types of bonus and discount that get applied to each invoice according to the terms of the contract. For example a contractor may be paid a 50% bonus for attending site within four hours, but have to give a discount of 10% if the job is low priority and can be done during the next 20 working days.

    The following table shows four different types of contract variation supported by InvoiceRight:

    Variation Type

    Depends On...

    Priority Bonus

    Time taken to complete job

    Value Band Percentage

    Value of job

    Indices Rise

    Client.  Issued to compensate for inflation

    Individual Item Uplift

    Applied to individual invoice items as needed

    As each invoice is processed the variations that apply are determined automatically and added/subtracted from the total.

    Q. We already have a system. However if we wished to upgrade to InvoiceRight would we have to retype the existing Schedule of Rates and Property Register, or could that data be transferred somehow?
    A. If your existing system can export its data then definitely yes. If not, it is still quite likely that we can read its data files and extract the data from them directly.

    Q. How much experience do you have in software development for MTC (Measured Term Contract) administration?
    A. We started 12 years ago creating systems for Southwark Council Building Services Dept. and they and other departments have been using our systems ever since then. For the past 5 years we've been creating systems for MTC contractors.

    There's a lot of commonality between the two sides. For example: councils want to check invoices, contractors want to print them. The process of defining and calculating invoice details is much the same in both cases.

    Q. How much does InvoiceRight cost?
    A. Prices vary according to the number of different contracts you need to administer and the number of users who need concurrent access. They start for a two contract, two-user system. Please contact us for current pricing details.

    Sample Invoice:

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