Certificate is a system for preparing and printing payment certificates for project work.

  • Each certificate shows a payment due to a contractor by a client.
  • Certificate History is kept intact because only the latest certificate for each project can be amended or deleted
  • Certificates violating certain project settings can require authorisation by someone with Manager privilege level before being printable.
  • Different users operate with different privilege levels.
  • A Payment Profile chart makes project progress easy to see at a glance.

Certificate is suitable for Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors generating certificates for the following types of contract:

  • JCT (Joint Contract Tribunal)
  • GC Works (General Contract)
  • ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers)
  • Model Forms (Institute of Mechanical Engineers)
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What is Certificate?

Certificate is a multi-user system for preparing and printing payment certificates. Each certificate relates to a project identified by project number, and shows the payment due to the contractor by the client.

A series of different retention percentages can be applied to different aspects of the project according to their state of completion.

Quick and Easy

Where possible the system helps the user such as providing:

  • A lookup list to help find Project Number
  • Automatic suggestion of next certificate number
  • Suggestion of remaining Principal amount for next component of retention
  • User friendly ‘Record Filtering’ and Reporting mechanism.
Project Payment History is Maintained
To ensure that a correct history of project payments is maintained it is not possible to amend certificates that are not the latest for each project. It is also not possible to create a certificate with an earlier date or lower certificate number than the current latest.
Certificates Can Require Authorisation
Certificate can require authorisation by a manager if, for a particular project:
  • The value exceeds a specified value.
  • The Gross Valuation exceeds the ‘Approved Budget’ amount
  • The certificate date exceeds a specified date (usually one year after project completion)

Without authorisation, certificates cannot be printed.

Two printers can be set up and remembered: One with multi-part stationary for the certificates themselves and one for general reporting, such as a laser printer. The appropriate type of printout automatically goes to the correct printer.

A user-friendly filtering and reporting mechanism makes it easy to display and print a wide range of reports of certificate payments across all projects.

If a certificate is reprinted the word ‘Duplicate’ appears next to the certificate number.

Here is a sample Certificate:


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